Diego Delgado García

Web development

Within all these projects I have been fortunate to work throughout the software development cycle (Requirements, Development, Testing and Maintenance), participating in analysis, decision making, architecture definition, implementation of testing protocols. and security, server administration and cloud services, etc.

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Electronic Commerce

Electronic commerce is one of the economic pillars of the internet. For years I have helped companies to sell more using this channel, as well as to develop tools for the analysis of products, stores and sectors.

Web development

As an expert in web development, I have participated for more than 20 years in the development of internet-oriented projects. Where I have participated in the entire development field, from the conception of the idea to the exploitation of the product.

Data Mining & Big Data

I have participated in various projects related to automated data collection, analysis and subsequent exploitation of data through Big Data.

HR management in the technological field

Working with teams is an important part of software development, building an optimal team will ensure success in product development.

Server Management

The administration of servers and cloud systems are closely related to the Internet. For years I have worked managing server networks, virtual solutions and the cloud.


Security is the cornerstone of any online service. Ensuring security in your business processes is essential for your business to be successful over time.


For years I have worked in services related to telecommunications, helping companies to virtualize their communications, the main channels in which I have worked are: SMS, Voice, Email Marketing and Virtual Numbers.

Cloud services

When you work with web services, the use of cloud services is very normal. Thanks to this, I have worked with different Google Cloud and Amazon AWS services.


> 20 years of experience


Sevilla University

Higher Computer Engineering

Completion of Higher Computer Engineering studies at the University of Seville, where I acquired all the knowledge to be a qualified Software professional.


Immersion in the professional field of the USA

During this period I was living in the US improving my English and collaborating with various US companies.

Málaga (Spain)

Acceleration Program in Startups

During 2014 I participated in a program for entrepreneurs in Malaga where for several months I had mentoring from important national profiles.

Tallin (Estonia)

European Startup Program

During 2018 I participated in a program for entrepreneurs in Estonia in which I carried out a mentoring process aimed at improving skills in launching Startups.


2000 - 2004

Full Stack Developer

I have carried out projects for different clients (Electronic Commerce, Corporate Websites, Management Tools, ...).

2004 - 2010

Full Stack Developer

Create a platform for creating forums for free, where people could create their own community. This Software was made from scratch using PHP / MySQL.

2006 - 2007
Elelog SL

Project Manager

I have managed the development of a teaching platform for the disabled for the University of Seville.

2009 - 2010
Elelog SL

Scrum Master & Senior Developer

I have worked on a time and attendance software. This Software is used by different administrations to manage building access control.

2008 - 2020
Linkses Network

CTO / Project Manager / Full Stack Developer

As CTO of Linkses Network, I have been working on multiple solutions for clients, organizing projects. I have worked on more than 50 projects for different clients.

2008 - 2020

CTO / Project Manager / Full Stack Developer

Afilnet is a Marketing and Telecommunications platform developed for Linkses Network, which offers services such as SMS, Voice Calls, Email Marketing or WhatsAPP Business.

2008 - 2020

CTO / Project Manager / Full Stack Developer

ConsumerStore is an electronic commerce platform that allows the creation of virtual stores, as well as, it has a marketplace where companies can sell their own products.

2020 - At the moment

Project Manager / Full Stack Developer

I work as a freelance for companies around the world, offering my experience of more than 20 years in web project development.

Project Management Skills

Requirement Analysis (> 15 years)


SCRUM & KANBAN (> 10 years)


Team Management (>10 years)


QA & Security (>10 years)


Frontend skills

HTML / CSS (>20 years)


Bootstrap (> 5 years)


Javascript (> 20 years)


jQuery (> 10 years)


Smarty / Twig (> 10 years)


Backend Skills

PHP (> 20 years)


MySQL (> 20 years)


GIT / SVN (>15 years)


Server Management Skills

Installation & Maintenance (> 15 years)


Apache & MySQL Optimization (> 10 years)


SEO optimization (>5 years)


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Software Architect & Full Stack Developer
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HR recruitment
Software Consulting
Data Mining & Big Data
Server Administration & Cloud Services


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